Collaborative research

Research on the Club Vita dataset by our team and collaborative partners

Club Vita’s Longevity, Lifestyle and Retirement Perception Survey, 2022

23 May 2022

In celebration of our consolidation, we surveyed 1,000 people in each of Canada, the UK and US about their health, life expectancy and retirement planning. In our survey we have sought to understand the outlook on a wide range of areas affecting later-life health. The results will be of interest to all those concerned with the later life well-being of employees, members of society, friends and family or even themselves. How people view their own longevity, lifestyle health and retirement preparedness are all vital building blocks in understanding the upcoming retirement landscape.

2021 US VitaCurves v2 technical papers

24 March 2022

Technical papers on modeling techniques and underlying data to accompany the release of version 2 of our 2021 US VitaCurves model. This new release introduces pension form as a new variable into the US VitaCurves model.

2021 US VitaCurves technical papers

24 August 2021

Technical papers on modeling techniques and underlying data to accompany the 2021 release of our US VitaCurves model.

Longevity improvement rates for US defined benefit pension plan participants - Examining widening life expectancy inequality

29 July 2021

Inequality in life expectancy in the US is increasing. Recent analysis by the Society of Actuaries has shown that mortality improvements since the 1980s have been far greater for the counties with the highest socio-economic status in the US compared to those with the lowest. But how much will this growing inequality affect participants of defined benefit pension plans?

COVID-19 longevity scenarios: a bump in the road or a catalyst for change?

3 March 2021

This paper discusses how the lingering after-effects of the global COVID-19 pandemic could affect longevity. We introduce four longevity scenarios that pension plans can use to help understand the increased longevity risk introduced by the pandemic and to stress test their funding strategies. These scenarios, together with consideration of other risks such as the strength of the sponsor and investment risk, can help pension plans quantify and communicate the potential ramifications of the coronavirus pandemic as part of their risk management framework.

Public vs Private - Is there a sector effect in post retirement mortality?

25 May 2020

There is significant diversity of longevity experience for pension plans within both the public and private sectors in both the UK and Canada. By interrogating large datasets of pension plan mortality data, we can identify data fields which predict very different longevity outcomes for individuals within pension plans. It is better to use these predictors to set a tailored assumption for a plan than to assume the same experience as the sector average.

Zooming in on ZIP codes - Using socio-economic factors to tailor US pension plan longevity assumptions

7 August 2019

How long retirees live is a key assumption when valuing pension promises. There is ever stronger evidence of variation in lifespan across US society. Given that differences in life expectancy are recognized to be largely driven by lifestyle rather than genetic make-up, how can plan sponsors tailor their longevity assumptions to reflect the characteristics of their participants?

Hot and bothered? Climate change and resource constraint scenarios affecting UK longevity.

11 July 2018

This paper provides a discussion on how climate change and resource constraints might impact UK longevity, focusing on the connections between the complex systems of associated risks.

Key Factors for Explaining Differences in Canadian Pensioner Baseline Mortality

1 May 2018

Research paper on the initial results on longevity predictors conducted using Club Vita Canada’s data set

Longevity Trends: Does one size fit all? Collaborative research with the PLSA

7 June 2017

Our second report in collaboration with the PLSA on UK longevity trends.

Longevity basis risk: A framework for assessing longevity basis risk

1 December 2014

For pension plans and insurers seeking to use index-based longevity swaps as a means of protecting against longevity trends a long-standing concern has been their effectiveness. How likely is it that the pension plan experience will deviate noticeably from the national trends underpinning the longevity indices? And how big could this deviation be? Read our report to find out.

Longevity Report: The NAPF Longevity Model Collaborative research between the NAPF (now the PLSA) and Club Vita

5 November 2014

In collaboration with the NAPF (now the PLSA), we developed and published The Longevity Model in late 2014.

Grieving widows

10 May 2014

This paper highlights the elevated mortality experienced upon bereavement. We show how this impact is largest at younger ages and in the first year following bereavement. Further it occurs across the socio-economic spectrum. Consequently, it is an important factor to consider when assessing pension plan liabilities.

Socio-Geographic Variations in Mortality in a Large Retired UK Population

1 December 2011

Working with the Oxford Institute of Ageing we identified that the impact on life expectancy of living in an area of deprivation varies depending where in the country you lived.

What Longevity Predictors Should Be Allowed for When Valuing Pension Plan Liabilities?

17 May 2011

Our VitaCurves model was the first to bring the ability to combine the postcode and affluence of pensioners together to generate assumptions for individual participants of pension plans.

Living longer and prospering

1 January 2011

Our report in collaboration with the Oxford Institute of Ageing on designing an adequate, sustainable and equitable UK state pension system.

What longevity predictors should be allowed for when valuing pension scheme liabilities?

28 September 2009

The original research paper on longevity predictors conducted using the Club Vita data set.