​Over the last decade, Club Vita’s innovative team has designed, built and refined a box of specialist quantitative tools for managing longevity risk.


​Best in class longevity baseline model.

What does it do?

VitaCurves is our statistical model of the diverse range of survival patterns that we observe in the recent past. 

What makes it different?

What makes it different?
  • VitaCurves captures the full diversity seen in 9-digit ZIP codes, and tailors this precisely to the characteristics of your plan's participants.
  • Plan specific calibrations are made available to your plan actuary in a series of convenient formats.

More confidence in setting suitable baseline assumptions means that you can turn your attention to crafting your plan for managing the uncertainty in trends, as that’s where you can add most value. We also update our analysis annually, reducing the large step changes in liabilities when new standard tables are released.

Want to know more?

Find out more about how you can benefit from annual data cleansing, benchmarking of your plan and longevity assumptions for every individual in it.