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Club Vita’s global team includes experts from a range of specialities including data cleansing, multi-variate statistical techniques, technology and process design, actuarial mathematics and more. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we’ll happily put you in touch with the right expert.  

Alternatively you can get in touch by by emailing us here.

​Douglas  Anderson FIA CERA FSA
​Douglas Anderson FIA CERA FSA
Founder, Club Vita

​Douglas Anderson FIA CERA FSA

Douglas is an entrepreneurial actuary, who provided the original inspiration for what we now know as Club Vita. His actuarial career spans thirty years: before focusing on longevity risk, Douglas advised trustees and corporate sponsors of UK final salary pension funds on funding and risk management issues.

Today, Douglas remains a hands-on leader to Club Vita, focussing his creative streak on the next opportunity for innovation and on sharing the benefits of Club Vita in the USA. 

Douglas is also a passionate advocate for the benefits of joined-up, enterprise risk management techniques. 

Away from the office, Douglas enjoys gardening, skiing and cycling. 

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Jennifer Haid CFA FSA
Jennifer Haid CFA FSA
CEO, Club Vita

Jennifer Haid CFA FSA

Jenny is Club Vita’s latest senior recruit, and heads Club Vita LLP, the overarching company that shares our statistical insights and expertise across our three country operations in UK, US and Canada. Jenny works closely with Douglas in delivering the next wave of Club Vita’s growth through innovation and internationalization, from her New York base.

Previously, Jenny was vice president Strategic Marketing and Product Development at American International Group in New York City, where she established a new international pension reinsurance capability. Prior to AIG, Jenny worked for EY in New York consulting to the insurance community and in Toronto at Willis Towers Watson consulting to large multi-nationals on issues related to their pension programs. Jenny is a regular speaker and an author of several industry papers. She serves on the Society of Actuaries’ Board of Directors, was a founding member of its Longevity Advisory Group and acts as a leader and advocate for Diversity & Inclusion.

While at home Jenny spends entirely too much time entertaining her cat Chester with tales of whatever adventure she’s most recently been on. 

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Daniel Reddy FSA EA MAAA
Daniel Reddy FSA EA MAAA
CEO, Club Vita US

Daniel Reddy FSA EA MAAA

Dan is a pension actuary with over 15 years’ experience consulting to large pension, postretirement and postemployment benefit plans in the United States. In this prior role, he helped plan sponsors tackle plan design, financial analysis and risk management for their plans.

He is excited to bring Club Vita’s unique risk management benefits to the US pension plan market.

When not working, Dan enjoys reading, video games and woodworking.

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​Erik  Pickett PhD FIA CERA
​Erik Pickett PhD FIA CERA
Chief Content Officer, Club Vita

​Erik Pickett PhD FIA CERA

Erik is a consulting actuary with a wide range of pension and benefits experience having transitioned into the wonderful world of actuarial science from his early career activity as a pure mathematician.

Erik now focuses on the communication of the wealth of Club Vita analytics with Club Vita supporters and is always looking for new ways to increase engagement with longevity issues. Erik also facilitates our Friends of Club Vita discussion group on LinkedIn. 

At the weekend (mainly in the summer), Erik enjoys juggling in the park and is a former British street performing champion.

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Nikiya Marilla
Nikiya Marilla
Data Operations Lead, Club Vita US

Nikiya Marilla

Nikiya is a seasoned pension/pension risk transfer manager with over 15 years experience within Defined Benefits administration and risk transfer solutions. In her prior role as a Pension Risk Transfer Manager, she managed the process of plan sponsor buyouts/lift-outs for a competitive insurer within the PRT market.

In her current role, Nikiya is the Club Vita US Data Operations Lead, where she will be leading our Club Members through the onboarding and reporting process.

When not working, Nikiya is a published author and executive producer of a documentary; as well as a podcast host.

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